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What is a Gummy Smile Procedure?

What is a Gummy Smile ProcedureWhen you think of cosmetic dentistry, you probably think about teeth whitening or dental restorations. However, cosmetic dentistry can help your gummy smile as well. Gummy smiles occur when the gums appear disproportionately large when compared with the teeth. Dr. Parsa Zadeh’s gummy smile procedure, known as the Gumlift, can provide lasting results.

Different cosmetic dentists perform the gummy smile procedure in different ways. Some gummy smile procedures are more successful with providing long term results than others. Many dentists perform a gingivectomy, which is trimming back the excess gums to reveal more of the teeth. However, over time, the gums tend to grow back. Other dentists perform a simple lip repositioning procedure in which the lips are surgically attached to the gums to prevent them from retracting as far when the patient smiles. This procedure is not a long term solution either, because the flexible tissue of the lip will slowly revert to its original position.

Dr. Zadeh’s gummy smile procedure, the Gumlift, is different. His Gumlift procedure consists of a collection of surgical techniques, such as teeth-bite reproportioning, surgically trimming the jaw bone to provide a shorter gum line, or an indirect or direct lip repositioning. Dr. Zadeh matches the procedures he chooses with the cause of your gummy smile. In this way, you can be assured of results that will not only address the cause of the problem, but that will last over time.

Dr. Zadeh has been performing his patent-pending gummy smile procedure for over twenty years, and he has hundreds of satisfied patients. The Gumlift procedure is so successful that patients come to him from all over the country to have him fix their smiles. Dr. Zadeh specializes in fixing difficult cases of gummy smile. Even if another doctor has attempted to fix your gummy smile without success, Dr. Zadeh’s procedure can help you.

If you are interested in consulting with Dr. Zadeh, gummy lift specialist, call Zadeh Dentistry at 310-273-8414. Your initial consultation for gummy smile surgery is free, so there is no risk. All you have to lose is your gummy smile!