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How is Gum Lift Surgery Performed?

How is Gum Lift Surgery Performed?Gum lift surgery is a procedure designed to remedy gummy smiles, or smiles in which the gums appear disproportionately large when compared with the teeth. Many cosmetic dentists claim to be a gummy smile specialist, but few have the surgical skills, experience, or qualifications that Dr. Parsa Zadeh has. Dr. Zadeh is one of the country’s most recognized and successful gummy smile surgeons.

Gum lift surgery means many things to many people, so it is important to ask questions before you commit to the procedure. For some cosmetic dentists, gummy smile correction surgery means a simple gingivectomy, or trimming back the gum line. This procedure does improve the look of the gummy smile for some patients with overgrown gums, but over time, the gums grown back over the teeth. Even worse, some patients do not have overgrown gums and are suffering from a gummy smile for a different reason. In these cases, a gingivectomy will not improve the appearance of their smile.

For Dr. Zadeh, gum lift surgery means something else entirely. His patent-pending Gumlift procedure does not use a single one-size-fits-all technique to fix gummy smiles. Instead, it uses one or more surgical techniques to directly address the cause of the patient’s gummy smile. Dr. Zadeh hand selects the procedures that will be most effective for the patient. For example, if the cause of the patient’s gummy smile appears to be their larger than usual jaw bone, Dr. Zadeh will surgically trim the bone to reduce the size of the gum line.

Dr. Zadeh’s gum lift surgery is so effective that patients come from all over the country to have him perform the procedure. No case of gummy smile is too complicated or too difficult for him to perform. Dr. Zadeh relishes the opportunity to transform smiles that other dentists have been unable to fix.

If you are interested in gummy smile surgery, call Zadeh Dentistry at 310-273-8414. The initial consultation is free and there is no obligation. You may also e-mail a clear digital photo of your gummy smile to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you live too far from Beverly Hills to receive and in office consultation. Dr. Zadeh will be happy to examine the photo and e-mail you a tentative treatment plan.