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Dr. Zadeh, Gummy Smile Dentist

Dr. Zadeh, Gummy Smile DentistWhen you have a gummy smile, you would do almost anything to have the problem fixed. However, when it comes to choosing a cosmetic dental specialist to perform your gummy smile procedure, you should be selective. Dr. Parsa Zadeh is one of the most experienced and recognized gummy smile specialists in the country. When you need a gummy smile dentist who can perform the surgery right the first time, you can count on him.

Dr. Zadeh began the path that led to his career as a gummy smile dentist in 1984 when he graduated with honors from the College of Dentistry in Manipal. After he graduated, he passed his boards in the top 2 percent of all candidates. Since that time, he has completed well over a thousand hours of continuing education to further add to and refine his knowledge of dental surgery and advanced surgical techniques.

Because of his commitment to continuing education, he was awarded Master status by the Academy of General Dentistry in 2010. This distinction is granted to only a small handful of dentists in the United States and Canada who have completed over 1,100 hours of continuing education.

He developed his patent-pending gummy smile correction surgery over twenty years ago. Since then, Dr. Zadeh has successfully treated hundreds of patients, fixing their gummy smiles and bringing them back into proportion. His extensive collection of before and after pictures as well as countless testimonials provide proof of the success of the procedure. Dr. Zadeh specializes in treating difficult and complicated cases of gummy smile. He even remedies gummy smiles that another gummy smile dentist has unsuccessfully attempted to treat.

Dr. Zadeh is a highly successful and renowned gummy smile dentist because of his commitment to excellence, as well as his commitment to the satisfaction of his patients. No matter how complicated your case of gummy smile is, he can treat it and give you the well-balanced smile you deserve. Call Zadeh Dentistry at 310-273-8414 to schedule your free consultation for your gummy smile surgery, and start your journey toward the radiant smile you deserve.