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Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Gum Lift Specialist

Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Gum Lift SpecialistIf you are considering gummy smile surgery to correct gummy smile, you should do your research and find the best, most qualified gummy smile surgeon available. Many dentists claim to be gummy smile experts, but most do not have the skills or qualifications to perform the surgical procedures that are proven to provide long-term results. Dr. Parsa Zadeh is the foremost gummy smile surgeon in the region, and he has the knowledge and experience to fix even the most difficult case of gummy smile.

Dr. Zadeh, gummy smile specialist, pioneered his patent-pending Gumlift treatment over twenty years ago. Since then, the Gumlift procedure has helped hundreds of patients have the well-balanced smile that they deserve. The Gumlift procedure is not a single surgical fix. Instead, it is a collection of surgical procedures designed to address the various causes of a gummy smile. The procedures used depend on the cause of the patient’s gummy smile. Because the Gumlift procedure addresses the source of the problem rather than just provides a temporary fix, it can remedy even the most difficult or complicated case of gummy smile.

Dr. Zadeh did not become a gummy smile specialist overnight. He graduated with honors from the College of Dental Surgery in Manipal in 1984. After he passed his boards in 1986, he went on to complete an extensive amount of continuing education, such as an advanced restorative technique course, among many others. He completed such an extensive amount of continuing education courses that in 2010, he was awarded Master status from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Beyond his status as a gummy smile specialist, he also has certifications in advanced cardiac life support as well as intravenous sedation. These certifications allow Dr. Zadeh to perform his gummy smile procedure in his office without the assistance of an anesthesiologist. This saves the patients money, as well as makes the procedure easier to schedule because Dr. Zadeh does not have to coordinate the scheduling of the procedure with an anesthesiologist.

If you are interested in having a skilled, successful gummy smile specialist fix your smile, call Dr. Zadeh’s office at 310-273-8414 to schedule your free initial consultation. Dr. Zadeh will examine your teeth and gums and explain how the Gumlift procedure can benefit you.